Read Poem: IN PERPETUUM, by Ladi Soyode

When the gasping finally ceases
and all is still.

Miracles begin, despite the halt
of arterial pulsations

life persists, plucked from the stem
like chlorophyll green

or scented blossoms.
Cell by cell are the living forged.

Euthanasia a false doctrine,
cell by cell shall life depart

and then rebirth, suicide offers
no succour

just an agonising waste of time
this is the promise of seed and soil.

When the heart stops ticking
nothing ends, immortality reigns.

As death brings decay a colony
thrives of microbes and sprites

within the dark shimmers
an obscure radiance

waning day after day
sprouting roots morphing forms.

Another scene upon this stage
pulp to seed, pollen in the winds

gliding with no wings
running streams, silent screams

death and rebirth
is the same moon or sun.

Let the rains come, in perpetuum
they return, like the sea breezes.

We are caught in the infinite
cycle of life.

Ladi Soyode (c)


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