Read Poem: THE GIVING OF FUCKS, by Alexis Dubus

The day I stop giving a fuck
Is the day the fuckers win. Even if
All around me are losing their fucks
And blaming the same fucking thing.

These fucking times we live in
Are the only times we possess
And how history’s proved,
When our fucks are removed,
We end up in the same fucking mess.

You may feel disenfranchised,
A screw in a fucking machine,
But a fuckload of us all giving a fuck
Can at least make the fucker run clean.

Don’t blame generations above you,
Claim their aim is to fucking forsake us,
Mankind survives on fucks supplied
By those who fucked to make us.

But beware the fucks in sheep’s clothing
Who declare only they give a fuck
But who don’t give a fuck about reading the notes
While they’re tearing the rulebooks up.

If you think your fucks don’t make a difference,
That the system remains just the same,
Then some fucker wins through who will fuck over you,
Then you lose your right to complain.

Stop passing the buck,
Let’s pass on our fucks,
Let the age of fuck-giving begin.
The day we stop giving a fuck
Is the day the fuckers win.


Author: poetryfest

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