Read Poem: Dedicated to Frankenstein, by Melissa Wilshaw

The clock strikes and all the ticking time pieces around my house diligently reset. The clocks go back…the clocks go back….
A flickering heart amongst the carnage and my eyes started to beat, once, twice and thrice. The electric circuits lodged and embedded deep within my skull. My breaths spattered, scattered and fearful. Yet, none were my last. Blood smothered my lungs, but my heart refused to beat out its last wish.
Some sat in darkness and the deepest gloom, prisoners suffering in chains.
If only I had the courage to speak to you articulately and without fear, but I become tongue-tied in your presence as my soul reaches out for your eyes to see. Yet, your eyes…don’t look up…you only see the reflection of my soul in my mirror of contempt. You set into motion a spiralling, tumbling turn of events that crushed the very beating heart of my mind with one simple, swift kiss. However, I’m not giving up, and I am certainly not giving in, so what would I say to you if I had the power? If I was the dealer and I held all the cards?
I would kiss you again and again and again. Damn me to the devil’s pit of delusional despair. Your influence has reached the four corners of the fiery, passionate sun and even if I tried to banish you to the high heavens – your taunting would rain down on me like glittering stars.
I lie in the den of the undead in the darkness before the dawn, where all the unrequited loved ones lay their weary hearts down to heal. It is a place where the devil rests his feet on a poor soul’s consciousness, like a footrest for his roguish delusions. I have been in this den for years and still: you simmer in my mind, as the stars shine down on me and wink at me so mischievously. I see the glint in your eye as you tease me from the boundless moonlit sky, then I remember I offend you with my uncouth behaviour and all the stars go out – leaving me alone in the inky, blackened sky.
In this twilight, I am banished to the shadows of your heart. For a sinner like me, only my tears last the test of time. I have seen lovers come and go, like falling stars, but here in this den of the unrequited is where I come to rest my head at night. For I can love no one else quite like you, and you may say what you like about it.
The clocks strike and go back.
My eyes flutter open and I awake: a Frankenstein Bride.


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