Read Poem: Earth On Fire, by Rich Courage

all my memories have gone sour
snakes and ravens in my ear
I’m traveling a thousand miles an hour
but not getting anywhere

I keep dreaming of disaster
that sounds fun, but what comes after
angels free falling from the sky
I like that, don’t ask me why

lithium rainbows in my brain
all my thoughtgrams smell the same
my generation’s all screwed up
please put a dollar in my cup

this is the end my friends
we’ll all be swimming soon
to the receding shoreline
riding a nuclear typhoon

the honeymoon is over
time for the cosmic bus
straight to the moon Alice
no growing old for us

broken dreams of green are endless
politics of dreams are friendless
greed’s our credo, waste it all
oil us up and watch us fall

we’re traveling on a one way journey
to the techno demons, we impart
addictions to electronic passions
building firewalls around our hearts

if music is the food of life
technology is the breath of death
will our children still be playing
Nintendo and X box with their last breath

we share, we care, yet go on smoking
we’re all such great pretenders
end of times we are evoking
to the Kardashians we’ve surrendered

there’s no future in our eyes
Prozac and ham for breakfasts
red tide oceans, ashen skies
having hope today is reckless


Author: poetryfest

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