Read Poem: SPIDER LIFE MINE, by Robert Drusetta

In silken cocoon I roll
Protected by my mother
With luck I will survive
If not eaten by my brother

Barely a new born bub
I balloon to find a home
Floating far, far away
Wherever I may roam

Grounded in a new world
I teach myself to spin
I must complete my web
Before the night moves in

My silk is my DNA
Stronger than rope or steel
My first imperfect web
Set to catch a meal

Do not ask me questions
I have no voice to speak
My food must be liquid
Before I can but eat

Disturb me in my web
I will start it swirling
I can keep it up for hours
Spiders call it whirling

Two claws for each leg
Helps me climb a wall
Man-made things like glass
Will always make me fall

I hope to hide from birds
Your shoe or that spray
I cherish my short life
Each and every day

See me in your home
Do not fret or scream
To me it’s dry and warm
Safe and cosy clean

Do not scream at me
For I cannot hear a sound
Only vibrations do I feel
On a wall or on the ground

I will readily earn my keep
Catching flies and bugs
I will remain in my corner
Away from shelves and rugs

I only have cause to bite
If my life is at stake
Rarely am I fatal
Rarely a mark I make

Do not wave your arms at me
My eight eyes do not see
Ironic don’t you think
How my life can be

I have no nose to smell
Your displaced fright and fear
I am more afraid of you
If I am to be sincere

When our paths do cross
It’s a brief moment in time
What is years to human you
Is a minute of spider mine


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