Read Poem: A Thought, by Laye Da Writer

The plans I had, baby a man can only dream
A life time it seemed
Now, I sit here and wonder, what if
I guess letting go was your special gift
No remorse for my feelings I see
At the bottom of the barrel you left me to be
Yet there was nothing to pull me back
Now for your love, the ambition I lack
Watching this fire die gave me a memory
Now realizing why the emotions have a dull sensory
This goal I had for us was clearly deferred
They said don’t push, she’ll come around
Be patient, build her up from the ground
Tune in and listen to love a wonderful sound
Wrap her up, watch her blossom and bloom
With all your work, she’ll shine as the brightest in the room
Go above and beyond for that woman they said
Treat her like a lady, they beat into my head
Make her the happiest or the consequences you’ll dread
Clearly this book of love is completed fucked
Because in love we do soooo much and what
Yup you guessed it, a swift kick to the butt
Oh yeah , You was right, bingo we have a winner
The starter kit to love, right for a beginner
Sadly, when you get to where I am,
you’d rather sit to the side


Unfortunately, the love I had took me on horrible ride
Trying to shake the thought of you,


no where near easy
Replacement after another, yeah it seems sleazy
Same ol song but I was tired of the familiar tune
Reached out for help and told me the demons would release soon
Did I let go the day I drowned my sorrow
Shit at this point a new heart I’m ready to borrow
Shawty girl caught me lacking, got a damn ring
Now I’m here stuck, certain songs I can’t even sing
If this was a treasure hunt, I think someone hid the X
I say that because it seemed I was preparing you for the next
A spot marked for another, yet at times it seemed so right
Then at times our future seemed so bright
Now look at us, distant as fuck no rekindle in sight
That’s the game of love and my ass was player fucking one

And just to think…

when I smashed that bottle

I THOUGHT I was done….

-Laye Da Writer


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