Read Poem: Blue Haired Baby, by Rich Courage

Let me tell you about my blue haired baby
How her pink leathers drive me crazy
How she wears a diamond death’s head stud upon her tongue
How the Metal band she leads
Has a drummer nicknamed BLEED
And her left thigh tattoo reads, I eat my young

Orange lipstick, neon hair
Spiked green leather underwear
Some folks may find her tastes a trifle strange
Blood red eyes, all wild and scary
Complexion like a dead canary
Underweight, on the run, bumming change

My baby rolls her blades or skates her board
To score free donuts “THANK THE LORD!”
Every Sunday midnight mass in Tompkins Square
Tabbouleh hot dogs, that’s her trip
Oreos with a salsa dip
And nothing beats a chocolate egg cream flavored beer

When we make love, sometimes my baby goes away
Huddles up deep, deep inside herself, but that’s okay
Cause we don’t just “do it” that’s not a song within our dance
And whatever scars she bears from her father’s loving touch
I try with kisses, whispers and embraces to heal as much
Cause my blue haired baby deserves a true romance

Her life’s a fall without the crash
So much time, so little cash
Her punkadelic soul burns dark to light
And with her slam dancing by my side
Life’s just a Harley barley ride
Our hearts ablaze up, up and out
Into the sweet and bitter Lower East Side night


Author: poetryfest

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