Read Poem: CAN DEATH BE SWEET, by Garry Hicks

Can death be sweet, like trick or treat,
When your whole-body aches, even your feet,
There’s nothing to do, to silence the roar,
You want to let go, so your body can soar.

The pains just too great, to stay alive,
I know most, just want to survive,
Just remember that term, quality of life,
means nothing now, it’s just a sharp knife.

Why should I care, why should I stay,
my life doesn’t matter, to most anyway,
My kids turned their backs, they think I fell,
Into the center of Earth, to a fiery hell.

I loved them so much, I gave them my all,
Yet when I’m hurt, and ready to fall,
the phone doesn’t ring, no knock on the door,
They couldn’t care, if I’m flat on the floor.

The pain in my heart, the pain in my soul,
is far worse than my body, will ever know,
I want to scream out, I want them to hear,
the damage they’ve done, but they have a deaf ear.

So don’t preach to me, about letting go,
You don’t know my pain, I put on a show,
the drugs can do that, I live in a haze,
my mind never clear, my eyes in a glaze.

So when my eyes close, for the last time,
Just dry your tears, and open the wine,
Don’t cry over me, I’ve had a good life,
Much of it happiness, along with the strife,

All the ups and the downs, life’s a journey for sure,
No room for regrets, no room for a cure,
When my peace finally comes, my new journey will start,
My soul will fly high, I’ll have peace in my heart.


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