Read Poem: LONG-DISTANCE LOVE, by Catarina César

Last night, I opened a door to
another room of the house. There, I
found a man.

A man that wasn’t there.

The risk, the error,

the mourning sorrow,
the horror, the terror,
the lifeless hollow.
Will I be there, to be born,
entirely, in a new morrow?
Ambiguous life, stained in an empty
memory. Hunting the shadows of my
thoughts consuming the nights and
days across.

The minute that won’t follow, the
myth ‘n the confusion of this mellow,
the unknown, the prison… my only

Trapped inside dreams,
I, myself, could not bear,
while digging a lost place throughout
the fragments of my space.
My soul slips away,
looking for a dream to return,
a place to belong.
Shall I ever see the light in your
eyes one day?

He is neither moving nor stagnant.
Not alive nor dead. Neither closed
nor far. Not tired nor resting. He is
timeless, and time itself.
Together, we lived many lives, and we
are also living many lives in this
life. When the stars stop shining,
and the world stops spinning. When
everything turns dead, and death
awakes us. We might then stop being
together, alone, and alone forever.
Embedded in ourselves, until life
stop screaming at us for not doing
what it is meant to be. Not living,
not see, not pursuing, not building,
not be.

“Be nothing”, I shall say! Then you
will know what ’tis to exist and not
to exist, inside me.

– By Catarina César (Portugal).
Dedicated to Zervell Chicas.


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