Read Poem: WARRIOR OF THE LIGHT, by Aashish Rego

The soldier waged a lonely war,
as all around him fell,
The corpses of his friends and foes,
shielding him like a shell.

Neither guns nor bombs, or weaponry,
could save him from his fate,
His time had come, or so he felt,
It was now just too late!

But when he had shut eye in defeat,
and surrendered to what may,
A heavenly voice rang in his ears,
and it had this to say :

“This war is different, o my friend,
you’ve lost your kith and kin,
What you are fighting outside you,
actually lies within!

The foe is clever and unseen,
constantly changing shape,
And if you do not fight with guile,
am afraid there’s no escape!

But there is hope, do not despair,
new weapons you must use.
Those that you already possess,
but never did you choose!

Sit silently and meditate,
fill your own lungs with air,
Let gratitude exhale from you,
and then see how you fare!

Now bathe yourself in rays of light,
let the sun, shine on your face,
Feel all that love encompassing you,
in nature’s own embrace!”

The soldier did as he was told,
till he felt as whole once more,
His body, once a battlefield,
now a new look wore.
Opening his eyes, what did he see,
but a sea of white,
Those that spread most selflessly,
the gifts of love and light.

He then resolved, no more to be,
a soldier of the night,
Transformed, he set forth and became,
A warrior of the light!

——- The End ——–


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