Read Poetry: MEMORY, by Himani Jayas

GENRE – Love

This poem is a memory,
About something as beautiful as love.
And this poem is also my present,
After the doom’s day.

I was happy, back then,
Life was good,
I was fine.
And my mind, a chaotic rebel.
But then, love,
Offered me peace
And how could I have spurned it.
It eased my mind,
So, my heart fell.
It doesn’t anymore though,
Like it’s galvanized in black matter.
Absorbing every bit of feeling
Making me more dead than alive.

I told my love,
About how I wanna name my daughter
After the goddess of wisdom,
And asked him to have one with me.
He smiled timidly,
Showcasing his perfectly carved dimples.
It was easier then
It is harder now.
It was sweet then,
It is immature now.

Love painted my sky brightest blue
With a tinge of orange,
As he always says,
It signifies warmth.
And now I feel colder than ever.
My sky is midnight blue now,
Or a little bit more darker sometimes,
But atleast it’s real.
Not warm, but real, and mine.

All this felt more like a daydream now,
Started with the most pleasant feeling in the world,
Ended up being my worst nightmare.
I wanted to sing laurels
Of our magnificent love,
But all that really came out
Was the cry of decadence.

They say,
Every time someone breaks your heart,
There is a chance in some parallel universe
That they don’t.
I wish for this to be true, sometimes.
Somewhere, where I didn’t screwed it up,
Somewhere, where my love cared a bit.
I really wish,
For that somewhere.
Where he didn’t just smiled,
But said yes too.
Or somewhere, where we never met,
Somewhere, where love isn’t this hard.
Somewhere, where I can breath,
Without feeling this pain
For my long lost love.


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