Read Poem: THE FREEDOM RAFT, by John K. Anderson

the freedom raft was set to sail
the angels on our side
we pushed off righteous, bright and young
were sure we’d need no guide
our eyes affixed to distant shore
no turning off to side
we’d set the goals from man and God
let’s trample out the lies
I held position in the rear
each one within my sight
I pushed and pulled upon the pole
from morning into night
the promised land would soon be ours
but I was growing weak
when holding tight, stick stuck with mud,
I stayed, struck dumb my speech
A boy alone atop a pole
no head did turn to aft
then clinging, screeching, help me, hear.
a tide did move the raft
They drifted off, I left behind.
none dared to say I’m gone
betrayed to die upon a stick
so Angels can’t be wrong

They found a flat dead body there
dried flakes upon a spoon
they pride and pulled to get me off
the boy who’d been marooned
I cracked, I chipped, I stuck in spots
it took most half the day
they wish they’d never seen this place
and gone another way
and why he’d fried and died that way
was food for all their thoughts
when barely 20 minutes swim
he’d been upon those rocks
but place me not unto the side
the others taught me well
there is but one destination
a single place to dwell
eyes fixed directly towards that light
the mind locked in a room
the dream filled home high on a hill
winged Angels coming soon

The ones who had abandoned me
were in the crowd that day
when one would meet another’s eyes
they’d quickly turn away
then late one night all gone to bed
with multi-colored dreams
Remembering how they’ve been before
recalling merry things
and one by one they left their homes
and snuck down where I lay
each gripped a morning glory
as they’re tears fell on my grave
a pact was made between themselves
a silent knowing thing
a way to feel good again
they’d sail again next spring
So just another season then
they’ll haul me down the hill
they’ll hold me tight to my surprise
and love me, yes they will
Again I’ll sail along with them
death need not be my lot
I’ll laugh again and smile and dream
Believing every drop
The shining home, the happy end,
the angels and the wings
again will be within my grasp
and boldly shall we sing
That night now seems so long ago
I wonder where they’ve got
The promised spring is hard to see
It’s dark down in this spot
Though waiting here is awfully cold
I’ve learned a warming trick
I simply think back to the time
the sun shone on my stick


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