Read Poem: INSIDE MY MASK, by Edwina Hartzer

If I look back at my past
It makes me cry too fast
Because there were kids constantly
Bullying me psychologically
And still thirty years later
I couldn’t get it over
I just wanted to forget
Everything that made me upset

Surprisingly I succeeded
Lived that time as a common teen
It was all that I really needed
Though friends troubles in between

Suddenly found out my path
Music was my life career
But inside it was my wrath
Due to rejections, it became a fear

Then, in the middle
I got a sickness
No more giggle
Add more weakness

So, here I am
My life so far
Such a damn!
There’s still a scar

Don’t you worry
If you ask
A bit blurry
I wear a mask



Author: poetryfest

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