Read Poem: Long Time Coming…, by Laye Da Writer

So this was a long time coming

I hope to get it all out no thumbing

I’ve been trapped for a while

But in the midst I compiled a file

Great enough to bring this to the light

Sorry it’s not about to be bright

I lost way to much to be nice

One mistake and I paid the ultimate price

Fuck that call me a monster

Fuck that bottle call my sponsor

6 days I spent behind bars

Isolated from the world, hoping to be salvage like old cars

Love me yeah that was the joke, sent me to hell

Just to think you sent your husband to jail

I have never been this honest yet it’s time

Nervous at first but the mountain I was ready to climb

What’s to hurt they took everything yet you smile

Even when I was stripped bare, you no where close to carry the Mile

Vulnerable and weak he became a first yet you still sat high

Allow lemme bring you down,fuck them tears please cry

“I love you”

Yet you left me to rot

Sleeping my days on that cot

Not knowing when I’m seeing daylight, trapped

Theses mofos taking a story with no background, capped

For a while I hid this from the world yet I needed an escape

This whole time my wife should’ve been the gape

Right my wrong knowing there’s a look over yonder

Yet I did no wrong so there’s nothing left to ponder

Make me the beast give me my mark

Let me go trying to set off and leave the Clark

Important enough to turn heads

But our situation damn near involved the feds

Ooops I’m giving too much yet not enough

So take this and don’t call my bluff

More to come I have plenty trust

We’ve yet to get to the middle, tip toeing on the crust.


Author: poetryfest

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