Read Poem: My Venus, by Hesam Hozoori

Let me caress thy fruitful hands
We shall reside in remote strands

No more sorrow, gloomy thoughts
On thine joy me set my sights

Be my Venus, my coy mistress
Soon be yours all fleur-de-lis

In thee me trust daringly
With thee me boat ardently

Born in winter we both know
Horns meant jointly to grow

Erupt thy anger neath my waves
Rock this quietude, roll in raves

Me doth faint if thou be gone
In me sorrows tend to dawn

Seems me doth know thee for aeons
Thy name presage all good signs

Let be our tryst upon these waves
Thou sate my heart with thy curves

Me to gently touch thine heart
Thou to curl up nigh, mine tart

How frantic me thirst thy labia!
Shall me lip thy rosebud tuna?

Mayst breeze waft us far astray?
With thee each day my heyday

May thou be my lost soul mate!
Me daresay thou arte my date

Me won’t ever let thee down
Me tend no harm for my fawn

Long be thy breaths fresh ‘nd warm
Just like daily shine on farm

Thou sun, thou sea, days and nights
Me thine Aurora, northern lights!

Let me in thy thoughts, thy mind
Thou arte Venus, nice and kind

Whence has come thy hot scent?
That me have turned this fervent

For me thou arte unknown qualia
As thy red seen psychotria Elata

Though mine heart ticks way sickly
Thine eyes canst wind it soundly

Have me enchained in thy clique
Thy hands fondle when me sick

Me care for thee carefully
In thee me trust instantly

Thy presence is that warm light
That brings life and covers the night

Will me have and end for you?
Ma doubt ever me leave you

Me adore thy hands and thy thumbs
Moving on mine heart their thrums


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