POETRY Reading: Impact, by Dennis Stefanov

POETRY Reading:

fan the flame
let it die out
or set fire to the kitchen trying to make breakfast
with you at four in the morning

take a walk instead

paint the winter canvas of town
like a boot on the moon

trip on the ice and knock your head into mine
watch our breath intersect in the space between

run back to the apartment and strip
as if it wasn’t below freezing

our bodies slipping against themselves
sliding backwards through time
crash into each other

the craters will tell a story

when the match we keep close flickers
the world becomes as small as our hands

vodka soaked words spill from our mouths
thoughts are doused in gasoline

step outside
but don’t wait on me to light a cigarette

burn yourself like incense
fill the space around you

underneath the kitchen sink
a fire extinguisher lies empty
the sound of water dripping reverberates

wear your intimacy like a scarf
loosely draped around your neck

I can hear the snow as it falls


Author: poetryfest

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