Read Poem: Echoes Of Silence, by Drew Mette

The faulty truth that destroys our minds is held together with little more than lies and nursery rhymes.

A dystopian noise distracts the brains of the deaf,

Keeping them silent in times of need.

The screams of those in need are distracted by the waves of grief that crash against the souls of the lost.

And their pleads for salvation are drowned under the sounds of meaningless ambiance.

Relentlessly, they are tortured without mercy,

Puking their malevolent thoughts out in exchanged for pre-programmed lies.

This persistent process continues forth until the silence is all that is left.

And the Silence,

It echoes like the screams of those from ages past

That couldn’t escape the grips of death.

And her bridge of salvation crumbles at the seems when walked upon.

The fall from grace that leads to hell brings torment to the eternal viewers.

With their eyes so wide they make rivers cry,

They judge those searching for purer lives.

Their hypocritical hierarchy profits from the self doubt and pity that they install.

And only the “righteous” are kept to see the day when women plead for their lives

At the feet of those who want them to die.

But the silence of the meek speaks volume across the oceans.

It preaches hope to the apathetic.

And proves the lies of ruthless regimes.

The echoes of the silenced speak like broadcasts to the radio waves.

Screams that were once silenced live eternally in the space far beyond the eyes of the few…

But in the hearts of all.


Author: poetryfest

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