Read Poem: Loving Kindness Slam, by Jennifer James

When I say loving kindness
My body stops for a beat,
A moment…PAUSE
And then I breathe – INHALE AND EXHALE,
I place my hand on heart, I feel the feels…
Yes all of them from my head to my heels…
Turning inwards generates all sorts of emotions,
sometimes it feels like waves on the ocean,
and I allow myself time to be embraced in compassion,
self-compassion is turning inwards and taking action;
May I be free
May I be loved
May I be kind to all beings
Granting permission to the gateway of loving and seeing
what it means to be open, my heart and my mind
creating space for the loving kind.
Today it comes more easily,
and for that I am grateful,
but it’s been a journey,
rooted in me being doubtful.
It’s a lifetime of learning; opening, closing, connecting,
My heart, mind, soul; together and breakingfeeling and aching,
learning over the years,
Yes, through rivers of tears,
that forgiveness is a doorway that opens wide,
and creates a pathway to newness, joy, and delight inside
you see, our tendency
is to run…far away,
I said it, I did we ghost,
ourselves and most
others…the people in our lives we care about; our friends, family,
partners, and community
Truly it’s crazyand yet we do it – willingly, knowingly…
If only, we could see,
what a moment of loving kindness could be
to each other; if we opened up honestly
Would it hurt that much?
If we allowed each other to be
So I extend my arm outwards,
I’m reaching for you, this is me connecting to your heart and saying
May you be loved
May you be valued
May you be free

By: Jennifer James


Author: poetryfest

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