Read Poem: A SACRILEGE OF LOVE, by George Scandalis

108th day without Him
My sacred sun,

As I lay on my back to what once was the temple of my Lord,
your light awakens me each day as it glides into my room and slides
like hands hourly further up my body.
A slow and timely burning for my idolatry.

But no matter how much your light may caress me,
my soul is damned to remain forever in the cold darkness of
knowledge that…
There is no us.
There was no us.
There will never be, an us.

Your beams conjure a melancholy nostalgia in my nocturne.
You tease me great sun because,
Once upon a time, in the night He was my sun
Once upon a time, He lay upon me like your beams
Once upon a time, my body burned, consumed in his Holy Flame

With all that fire, how did I become the desolate moon?
He raised me to the heavens and hung me in the empty night for all to
bare witness.

An example for all mortals below to see what should happen
if they dare make a God of their lovers.

My face forever imprinted in the night sky in agony.
Condemned to know that we will forever share the sky
but our celestial bodies will never meet again,
And as long as He lives, even like this, I can endure and exist
If He shall cease, I too will disappear forever from sight.

No mortal would be able to gather me.
No mortal would dare bury me.

I will remain eternally in darkness, waiting for His light to burn me
once more.


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