Read Poem: When I am quiet, by Jakob Bonne

The time before was not worth writing down,
I was uninspired, demotivated and often felt like a frown,
The thought of the future made me feel lost and tied to the ground,
But then you came along and I finally felt found.

You gave me something entirely new to care for,
I look at you and feel like I want to be more,
A feeling so amazing I hope it never goes away,
But when I am quiet just remember, these are the words I want to say:

I want to be your mountain,
Solid, steadfast and strong enough to bear both of us,
Regardless of time, I will always be there for you.
I want to be the anchor that keeps you steady,
when you start drifting away.
When you cry I want to be the columns that hold you up,
So I keep a brave face.

I am just now realizing that time is short,
So I want to spend every waking moment with you.
I stay awake stretching out time,
So that we will have more of it together.

You have given me so much,
More than more than i ever could have asked for,
The needed step to look reality in the eyes,
To see the light above the clouds,
The lost key to free the fullest of my being,
The missing piece I didn’t know I was looking for.

All these things i desperately want to repay,
So when you feel undeserving of the things i do for you,
Just remember,
You taught my heart how to sing,
For you, my love, I would do anything and everything.


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