Read Poem: “Window” by Mario Mora

The glowing window of knowledge and thought,

Illuminates with facts, ideas, and opinionated mental rot.

A stark light blue glow, poisons the eyes with fatigue.

Wears down the soul, with social outrage and intrigue.

Like a spirit from beyond, it leaves us waking, missing rest.

A portal of vampirism, poised upon our labored chest.

Attention so solid, so unbreakable a digital chain.

All in hopes to see something different in a sea of the same.

I should be tired, should be sleeping, but instead I rise.

To go find late night refrigerated, nourishment lies.

Now I watch an amber glow of light, as a plate heats heaped,

with pizza rolls, maybe fish sticks, my acid reflux to keep.

Now back to my rectangular master, resting in my hand,

perhaps as I eat, I’ll play a game, or listen to a new band.

Late night anxiety isn’t so bad with a dosage of lithium ion.

Feeding me it’s stream of thoughts on what to try on,

On what to eat, what to think, what other people are doing.

It’s simpler to not dwell on the evil wrongs that are brewing.

It’s an addiction, intravenous, intoxicating, digital cyanide.

Your likes, ad info, will be your legacy long after you’ve died.

But that’s alright, don’t worry about it, here’s a new meme.

Save it, share it, comment, like, and watch the new stream.

Entertainment, political satire or personal dumpster fires.

It’s a mental incubation, come join the online quagmire.


Author: poetryfest

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