Read Poem: Don’t Climb The Mountain, They Said, by Anna Sahlstrom

“Don’t climb the mountain, it’s far too steep,” they said.
“Don’t listen to the hopes inside your head.”
“Stay in the valley and be safe instead.”

But I couldn’t stay safe, I would never be misled.
I had to listen and listen to the voice in my head.
I would climb the mountain, I would seek the trailhead.
And never listen to the lingering voice of dread.

“Dreamers never prosper, dreamers never soar,”
“Dreamers just die wanting more.”

But I never met a dream that lead to my demise,
Never met a dream that didn’t turn out a surprise.

This life is mine, it will never be yours.
You can talk and talk and you’ll still be a bore.

What do you know about me and what can you say?
What can you say to scare me away?

You can talk and talk, and all it is is just words.
You can talk and talk, but your words are yours.

Your fears are not my own, your fears are only yours.

You don’t write the story,
I’ll write my own.


Author: poetryfest

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