Read Poem: LAST YEAR, by Ralph D. Wagnitz

Don’t know where you’re goin’,
don’t know where you’ve gone,
But I keep on thinkin’ somehow,
it’s been you all along,
Without you I’m so lonely,
how I wish that you were here,
‘Cause it was you who taught me love…
last year.

Poetry by mail,
talkin’ on the phone,
I feel I’ve known you all my life,
oh! how our love still grows,
It’s so damn hard I want you so and I wish,
that you were here,
‘Cause it was you, who made me love you…
last year.

All the fantasies and lust,
now these cryin’ nights…
It makes no sense that we’re apart,
Without your love explain to me what’s right?
oh baby!

Wish I had your love now,
but they said it was wrong,
Those stolen hours, days and weeks,
are now over since you’ve gone…
Yeah hangin’ out in secret places,
making love not fear,
That’s the way we fell in love,
late last year,

That’s the way we fell in love…
last year!

by Ralph D. Wagnitz


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