Poetry Reading: WAVE, by Debbie Fersht

Performed by Hannah Ehman

Wave by Debbie Fersht

A man holds a body of water at gunpoint. Roll over says the man from shore and the water does so. The man’s toes get wet which makes him angry. He can’t stand to be only partially wet so tells the water to lie still while walks in clothed until the water comes up to his waist. Although cold and rippling, the water feels warm to the man and he begins to take off his clothes. “Hold this,” he says to the water and places the gun upon its surface. He takes off his belt and flings it across the body; it stings like an electric eel then falls to the floor. The gun still floating drifts away. The man curses the water for its neglect and says, “You’ll be sorry.” He sees it in the distance so dives in eyes open. He feels power being the only one in the body of water he surfaces then plunges in repeatedly noticing no resistance. He can see from below the hazy outline of the gun floating limply upon the body. As he comes up for air there’s no time to aim at the wave’s fire.


Author: poetryfest

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