Poetry Reading: TRUST? No!, by Peter Borreggine

Performed by Hannah Ehman

TRUST? No!, by Peter Borreggine

Forgiveth not, what comes thy way,
‘Tis but a speck, in the dawn of a day,
Thou must not begin to finally feel,
As if thy heart, is in a reel,

Thou pain, is wrought, deep inside I fear,
For to giveth its wrath, is not what I hear,
‘Twas the pain, that brings me here to show,
For I am a man, wrought with pain and sorrow,

I’ve come through my life, with toil and pain,
As one would not stand, out in the rain,
I’ve sought the peace, of the one who knows,
That life without hope, ’tis not life, but shows,

A life so filled with nothing but fear,
That where my feet tread, was not with care,
But there in my mind, was a spark of hope,
To see with your eyes, a path from the slope,

A walk I must, through the swords and rock,
Through, death and stench and things with pock,
To bring myself out, and forward I thrust,
To break through the gates to one that I trust,

For there is my hope, my peace I seek,
That strengthens my heart, from whence it was weak,
Since the Journey’s has not come to an end,
But rather a start, now I walk with a friend.


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