POETRY Reading: Aaliyah, by Pete Borreggine

Performed by Allan Michael Brunet

Aaliyah, by Pete Borreggine

All throughout my life,

I’ve searched for love alone,

A quest I made to find that love,

Was something I would never know,

For years I’d wonder where true love was,

And why it had forsaken me,

Years of turmoil and being left alone,

Had told me true love for me was lost,

Then, in the twilight of my life,

An angel appeared before me,

Her wings spread wide and golden hair abound,

With eyes that pierced my soul had given love new hope,

A breath of life came over me,

As she spoke my name out loud,

It was like love was new and young again,

For I knew it from in the crowd,

Aaliyah was her name,

A name that gave me life,

Her love began to grow with me,

As her way would be the light,

Aaliyah was her name,

And her love was fresh and new,

For she was the key that was the flame,

And unlocked a love anew,

All these years of loneliness and strife,

I yearned for a love so true,

And finally, here before me stands,

An angel of love, who knew,

She slowly took my hand in hers,

To guide me along the way,

Where she and I would be as one,

And take away the gray,

My heart now knows what true love is,

For Aaliyah holds the key,

To the remaining years I have with her,

Is the wonder of love I see


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