Read Poem: AS SOON AS I KISSED HER, by Adam Rogers

As soon as I kissed her,
the sun came down,
mending my heart,
and melting my frown.

Eyes piercing,
all a glow,
with a longing for me,
wanting me so.

Captivated by your stare,
seeing in my sleep in your lovely hair,
and images of your warm embrace,
though you’re not here,
my visions race,
of you,
of that first time I kissed you,
as soon as I kissed you.

As soon as I kissed you,
all was lost,
swept up in you,
damning the cost,
to be part of you,
in you.
Racing now,
is my soul,
to see you again,
I don’t care how,

Remember the dance,
remember the trance,
we were in,
as something more powerful did begin.

I see you now,
but am alone
You’ve brought light where only darkness shone.

to be close to you,
I close my eyes,
then feeling dizzy I realize,
I see you,
in a blurr.

A rush of feelings,
long lost to me,
are all awakened suddenly,

Music blaring in my head,
being with you in my bed,
Young beautiful one,
you’ve captured me,

Feel the raging river crushing me,
moving me,
washing me, with feeling for you.
I remember you,
that night with me,
Passion rising steadily,

I can see you now,
with me there,
Your face, your hair,
your body bare,
your eyes,
your hands holding me,
touching me,
carresssing me oh, so gently.

As soon as I kissed her,
I was lost.
So strong,
I fell headlong,
into a raging sea,
A sea so beautiful, You!!!
a beautiful mystery.
I’ve asked God why,
as my heart does cry,
Why? Why are you another’s?!!

Something powerful there between us,
I think you feel it too,
something beautiful,
something me,
something you…
spinning the soul that burns anew,
fires raging in love with you,
my queen, my wife, my life is you.


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