Read Poem: little mountain peaking high, by Megan Milo

little mountain peeking high
‘bove the clouds we see at night.
how long have you been up high,
will you grow up past the sky?

when you peak do you get to peek
at what the future has in store?
will i always ask my own life
to give me days with so much more?

there was a time i felt alive
but now i float, anxious heaving
with the sorrows of goodbye.
each moment holds unsteady breathing.

things released from my own grip
will i ever touch a new lip
i was once everything i wanted to be
now the world feels crashing under me.

little mountain peeking high
did you see how much i’d cry?
the peak has peaked i don’t know why
the moments i flew i was so spry.

time keeps passing
i wanted to change it
i think maybe now
i no longer can blame it.

for a moment everything was falling
avalanche was my name for calling
seeing my reflection clear
i don’t think i want to dance with fear.

seeing right and being loved
makes the days feel far more scrubbed.
if i see myself through cloud
maybe mountain won’t seem so loud.

goals and trophies seemed so fleeting,
now i’m focused on my eating.
i think i knew who i wanted to be,
but now my soul’s in front of me.

little mountain stretching by
god it’s nice to say goodbye.
the peak i’ve peeked seems not so high,
a taller one is rising nigh.


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