Read Poem: REDO, by Secrete Emotions

I killed myself last night

I murdered any doubt or fear I carried upon me like a kindergartener on the first day of school

I was the fool for too long

Smiling while lies and storytelling was sat in front of my door

I smile no more to incoming pain, I stand firm in confirming my liberation

Yes, I allowed him to use me up; I used his love as my therapy session, releasing frustration from physical and mental masturbation

Yet my cumming wasn’t enough to bring new life into our coming together

So I am ready to weather the storm in pure form, single, making each day a success

Each moment an accomplishment of what I am doing to better me in order to better my children, in order to better my community and those who listen to me

Last night I buried my sins and put them to rest

I acknowledged my wrongs and have moved past my past

I am ready to be the driver, the deliver, the provider, the informer of my life… I am reborn, I am set free, and I am alive and ready to live my wildest fantasy! Breathing…taking that first step…one day at a time

A killa of false hope…. Secrete Emotions


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