POETRY READING: My Mountain To Climb, by Bethany Zare

Performed by Val Cole

My mountain to climb by Bethany Zare

Diagnosis cancer,
like others have had.
My type is common,
so not really that bad.

The experience feels
like an amusement ride,
With ups and downs
but nowhere to hide.

Each test brings more questions
no clear path to believe,
Not sure who to trust.
No one brings me relief.

I cling to hope
and try not to fret
until one doctor says,
“It might have spread.”

Could this be it?
Might I soon expire?
It crosses my mind,
no time to retire.

Toc-toc-toc goes the clock,
my hour glass runs dry.
Knock-knock-knock on the door
I start to question why.

Lessons not learned
will be repeated.
Can’t skip ahead
like a class where I cheated.

Must breathe,
slow down.
Try to get off
life’s merry-go-round.

I look in the mirror
to see my core
no longer in conflict;
I’m at peace not war.

Breath in recovery
breath out self-care.
Love is the answer.
Gratitude, fully aware.

Surrender, Acceptance,
coming in handy.
Offers of food and prayer
are better than candy.

Who knows
where this path leads,
when it will stop
or if I’ll succeed.

It’s my mountain to climb.
I forage ahead
just one step at a time,
leaving behind dread.

Discomfort now my BFF.
Not distracted from my feelings.
I sit with the grief
as it’s all part of healing.


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