Read Poem: Resonance, by Shadow Snake

Empty out the cavity of my heart,
I did not leave a gap for where to look next;
Haven’t caressed your tenderness,
After failing, I already couldn’t get past the perplex.
On that deserted day,
Suddenly I was conquered completely by your eyes;
Turns out our encounter is not only fate,
It’s also the ever-changing reflux of shifting tides.

Snowflakes, with little restrain,
Falling through every night without tenderness;
In the dark, your desolation was explored,
Traces of our wandering were found in the wilderness.
Like a meteor, you give life to our vision,
But it’s only a fantasy, an illusory blear;
With chanting faintly heard from afar,
A morning half-awake, becomes ever so clear.

Fall in love with your coldness,
Live up to the most beautiful hour with every second;
Since the moment you passed by,
It’s been transformed into an incurable beckon.
Perhaps, as time flies,
It will eventually peel off the decoration of the mirage;
And the lingering sound without beat,
Will be the heart rhythm that I burn for you like a montage.


Author: poetryfest

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