Read Poem: YEARNING FOR YESTERDAY, by Willie Carwell

Yesterday is gone and there’s nothing left that remains, besides the footprints of memories that are left in memories lane. Time after time I find myself drifting away, back to the days as a child when the world invited me to play. I would laugh for hours about some of the silliest things. Oh, how I yearn for yesterday. But things have changed. Every day seems to consist of haste. No time to do anything too busy moving at an alarming rate. Too busy to smile, too busy to laugh, too busy to slow down and realize we’re moving too fast. We’ve sold all our time for tomorrow before we even began today. And already have next week lived and not realizing how much time is ticking away. But if we could stop and preserve the moment that we have let pass, we would be able to see our lives’ through that timeless hourglass. Every day is made special; every day should bring forth a smile. We’re not entangled up in the cares of this world we’re back in touch with our inner child. Loving, laughing and playing the way we used to play. Oh, how I yearn for yesterday


Author: poetryfest

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