Read Poem: Mrs. Issue, by Willie Carwell 

I lay in this bed of affliction and I hear the people as they pass by.
They labeled me an outcast, my condition has made me unclean.
So I lay in this bed and I cry

I have done all that I know to do to release myself of this shame, but
I’ve been suffering with this for 12 long years that Mrs. Issue has become
My name.

I even see the women out with their children they look at me then they look away,
Is there anyone out there who can take away the burden of my pain…?

Just the other morning I heard something different in the people’s voice.
No longer where they’re conversation about me the miracle man was in town the man from
Galilee so he was there topic of choice.

There where people from all around so many faces I had never seen all crowed around this man as if he were the king.

I got down on my hands and knees so I could maneuver threw the crowd, and I knew better to be seen so I kept my face turned toward the ground.

But by the time I decided to look up I was right at the master’s feet, and I said to myself I’ve never seen a miracle before and here’s one within reach.

I know I broke the rules today the whole town knows I’m unclean but here I am with JESUS garment in hand and now he is looking down at me.

And from that day to this one I’m know throughout my town as the women who’s faith was bold.


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