POETRY Reading: Brownies, by Debbie Fersht

Performed by Val Cole


(by Debbie Fersht)

We sit crossed-legged in a circle. We are Brownies. Today we learn how to braid. I sit behind Fiona. I start to braid Fiona’s long blonde hair. She sits behind Margaret. Margaret’s hair is long and brown like her uniform. Each one of us Brownies knows better than to say the word, “boo”, to Margaret or she’ll get upset. We swear the Brownie promise not to. “There WILL be consequences,” says our leader. The word sits like a piece of candy under our tongue.
“Fiona,” I say, “You’ve got such terrific hair. Do you like the braid I made?” I guess she doesn’t because when she turns her head around to see she gives me a look. Fiona suddenly swings her head back around and goes,

“BOO Margaret, BOO-HOO!”

Margaret screams, her screams so shrill and sharp they pierce our sweet Brownie circle and we watch, we watch Margaret, braids falling out, run from us, away from us, towards the heavy gymnasium door.


Author: poetryfest

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