POETRY READING: Holiday Feedback, by Derrick J. Johnson

Performed by Val Cole

Holiday Feedback
Derrick J. Johnson

This land is so cold,
Covered in snow,
Filled with memories,
Of a time from long ago.
Nostalgic thoughts don’t seem right,
In the prismatic aura,
Of bright holiday light,
But these feelings still remain,
For they are all the same…
A rush,
To find the right gift.
A rush fueled by adoration,
As emotions flow so swift.
A mad rush,
That leads me all about.
No escape from the anxiety,
That appears when she’s near.
My feelings are hidden beneath the exterior,
Of this seasonal holiday cheer.
Oh, it is a madness,
That wears me out,
It wears me out…
Filled with anticipation,
Yet daunted by feelings of dread,
Moving with the spirit of the season,
As conflicting thoughts swirl in my head,
And images of the affection I want to win…
Under the mistletoe,
We converge from different directions.
Then we share a tender moment,
But fail to make a meaningful connection,
Parting with regrets,
For what could have been…
But somewhere in that frosty December,

In the memory of the fleeting kiss,
Is a time of lucidity I remember,
As calmness replaces holiday bliss,
Because I need this,
I need this…



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