Read Poem: Unintentional (6 of Cups), by Melissa Pastoriza

I think I’m in love with someone
At least
not in the deeply, personal sense
It’s hard to explain
But it hits so hard in a way that I


Until It reaches out

It used to feel like a giant disapproval
from the day we first met
It was Carnal and obsolete
Yet It still wanted to thrive
Listening to that impulse,
begotten by our own threads

How can I lie?
Full of laughter
Heartfelt memories
Something that I miss because I got along
And quite reminisce
That this supernatural friendship that has followed-
Is actually fertile and
Hounds me as far as up until THIS.

Creeping in literal places
That don’t allow me to speak
For I see the energy
we both seem to be

It’s like we’re experiencing the animal, unnurtured
And quite tired
Giving ourselves the
That we’re not another’s diet

That we weren’t each others

And that truth could lead to something else

Alone, faceted and unwound
Spiraled enough for one to hurt and make a mistake
Not a sound
But the time comes down
to now.

TRENDING in heartache that comes right back to you
Fiendish, undeserving
ridiculed and tormented right on CUE
Not because I need or DENY you
But it seems
this attachment needs to play through

That’s sought in the after hours of night
when the quiet makes you hungry
Maybe a little horny
Where the thought of you slips into dangerous territory

For it’s one I don’t smear
But fornicate in an appetite
I bequeath unto you
In private

In fact we are morsels, pieces to a puzzle
stuck as prisoners in a mindset
In a far off dream

Not letting go
But allowing our bodies to explore
The access and process
in which our bodies seem to TICK
Hiding a degree
Led up by excitement
To know what IT IS

It seems so far away
In fact, just a dream
A little midnight lover
In order to release

By: Melissa A. Pastoriza


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