Read Poem: I am Three in One, by Rodney Damon Collins

I am three in one,
Yes, there is a body, but what is not seen is the mind and soul that guide the actions of this body
The mind is the gift of reason and creativity given from the one above
The soul guides my morality, it’s the essence of how I view reality
Mind, will and emotions, I am three in one.
3 stands for perfection whether it’s past, present, and future or birth, life, and death or
beginning, middle, and end, it all represents completion.
By being three in one, I am a divine creation with a god-given purpose
That purpose can be seen in the way I live, the way I love, and the way I laugh
I am three in one
This body that I have been given is a covered in a beautiful brown skin, this skin is fine, it’s
desired by all, it’s protection from winter, spring, summer and fall
My mind is exceptional
With my thoughts, I can create an entire world
What I see I can make a reality
Which is why it is treasured as one of the world’s most precious pearls
My soul is eternal
While my body will decay and my mind could slip away, my soul will see past the 24 hours we
have in a day
I am a living miracle
Some may say I’m dope
Which is why I can never live with my potential tied to a rope
Coloring outside the lines, is what I was born to do
Which is why I have permission from my Father
who said I love you go do what you do!
So I am bold in every step I take
Because time is fleeting with every day I wake
Some may say your too old to do this or that, look what others have done
E.T. says leave on E!
Living a life so full that you leave it empty!
I say my life’s just starting since I am three in one


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