Read Poem: (Revolutionary), by Behzad Asadi 

This is the beginning of a revolution
I saw in the darkest penetration
I will summarize you, but
In the form of tattoos all over my body

This is the beginning of a revolution
The war of lions and deer is the beginning
The best time to hunt wolves and ewes
The last black dot of the dawn time

Not everything is glorious
The rebellious symbol of change within
The thought that eats away at your soul
Resurrection is something that’s out

We are a secular mentality, but
You are objectively a revolutionary
Take the button off your shirt
Until the hair becomes gently blue

You are like the eighty-eighth catastrophe
You taught us a great lesson
Each single branch dies soon
Reason is the only way to freedom

You are a revolutionary for me
Eternal avant-garde on a strip
Greater than Marx and Hegel
You have a higher thought than Nietzsche

You are a revolutionary for me
This penetrating presence is not accidental
The meaning of your gaze mediates me
There is no split in our bond

Behzad Asadi


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