Read Poem: “Life is What Happens While You’re Making Other Plans”, by JOATMON SHAMON

Life is what happens
while you’re making other plans,
Wind blows the sand, time never stands.

Got to To get out of this trance.
No more Blind Romance.
Time to take a Stance.

Affected by the World but I am all alone.
Walking and talking to the ground,
People around, but I don’t make a sound.

Got to get out of this trance,
No more Wicked Substance.
Time to take a stance.

Time to take a stance.
To stand for something that says,
I’ve got a chance!
To tear down the walls
That kept me from my calling,
Not fearing the height Or if I may start falling, because the The Ground will be my net.

It’s the fear of not trying,
That makes little babies start crying,
Middle-aged neurotics start dying
And everyone else-in-between,
Still gett’in High’in.

I’m not a Victim
but it’s the Symptom.
You don’t know what you’ve done, to some,
Question why they’re born, they’re torn,
From your scorn, it’s ALL wrong.

I’m perpetrating my own angle,
Gonna get it all untangled.
I’ve ah-Row-zin
And it’s time to tell the people,
ALL of US HERE, Are still The CHOSEN,

Life Is What Happens –
While You’re Making Other Plans.
Life Is What Happens –
While You’re Making Other Plans.
Life Is What Happens –
While You’re Making Other Plans.

So book the flight, take the train,
Because when you are thru,
There are no more rendezvous
No one left to sue,
No more fools, schools or
Late-night crews, to keep You.

Unless you thought
Not being here is better?
I doubt you want the OTHER,
a Bridge or alleyway,
without the CARE of your MOTHER
With no better way in sight,
Just an empty stage and you’re up, all-night, stage-fright, out of sight,
can’t even move a might.

So You take a deep breath.
You push it away, from your face,
Into outer space, if that’s the case,
Cause it’s just a waste, of what’s NOT YOU.

This time take-in another.
With all the SOUL of a baby
Breast-feeding on its mother.
And then you will discover.
How precious the time,
when You were blind,
Stepping on land mines,
Committing petty crimes.

But ALL the “KIND” Was still WAITING
A N T I C I P A T I N G,
Looking FOR AN-O U T
To get enough C L O U T,
To scream and shout,
I don’t have to climb a Brick Wall.
I can start planting My Own Seeds,
Start doing good deeds,
Start smiling at people, I meet,
On the street with REPEAT.

And I will not forget to remember,
R E M E M B E R !!
It’s a new day & We are ALL
Members of an E L I T E group we call,
The Human Race!
The Human Race?
We Use to be Human’s “just Being.”

Let me tell You about,
The Human Race.
It use to be called, The RAT!
CLAWED by The Cat!
Who later Got Run-Over And went SPLAT,
Because “IT” WAS never “ALL-THAT”,
Because “IT” forgot what “IT”was chasing.

For the sake of regressing,
I’ve got to go start addressing.
I’ve got PLANS to SEE,

So do me a favor, Check out the Weather,
P E A C E of M I N D, Can be FOREVER,

Life Is What Happens –
While You’re Making Other Plans.
Life Is What Happens –
While You’re Making Other Plans.
Life Is What Happens –
While You’re Making Other Plans.


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