Poem: HANDS, by Sara Vogler

A lifeless thing that moves you,
It leads you places,
It is a compass to locations.

It is a body part that is so important,
As important as day and night.

Hands make you feel,
Life breathes through the hands,
They come alive once they are spoken to
The fingers move as they are called upon.

The strangest thing is they are alive
Nothing holds it back
They can’t be stopped.

Hands are like a soul
They need to be kept warm
Hands, they are like a soul to the body
As the night draws near, the hands unveil the blanket of light.
Then the stars appear, and it appears to be night.

The story of my hands is different.
They are different,
my hands have taken a shape much different than others.
How proud I am of them and that I love them.
I am proud of my hands.
Beaming for joy,
For this life,
These hands,
This breath,
This body,
This earth that carries me and us through,
I am grateful for me,
And grateful for us.
And ready for all the miracles.
And let us all embrace the same feeling of gratitude.


Author: poetryfest

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