Poem: From Darkness to Light, by Anthony Young

I’ve walked in the darkness,
My soul was black, no light, you could’ve called me heartless!
Serenaded by the devil while his minions picked at my carcass!
I used to blame the fatherless raising as to why I never rose to the occasion,
Absolutely no self-check, spirits up to my neck, and God missing from the equation!
The devil knew how to seduce just by keeping me recluse,
He gave me the noose and I put it on my own neck and told HIM it was too loose!
I even tightened it, with my own lack of enlightenment and this childlike excitement
And all this happened because of a misalignment from my God’s chastisement.
See that’s what he does, he creates this chatter and buzz
To turn me away from God and make him my new plug!
But that’s not how it ends, why, because of Jesus my friend.
He was beat, hung, and stabbed in the side just to free me from sin.
One day I thought about his death and I had this epiphany.
He took the noise in my life and transformed it to a symphony.
No more walking in darkness, the devil can’t make me bow.
Y’all see the tats and the hats but God sees me now.
No more guilt and shame, no more walking in blame,
I’m staying strapped in my word because the devil knows my name
I know this, so I’m deadly, my walk has curves, but its steady.
I am made in his image no more pillage, why, cause I’m ready!
My soul is now bright, I have God in my sight,
I’ve abandoned the darkness, now I walk in the light!


Author: poetryfest

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