Poem: Hallowed Eve, by Ganesh Ramachandran

Hark who’s there, that watches me
Thou showest face and fear in thee
For I am Eve, but old then new
Empowered now to wit, to woo

I hark at thee, so beautiful
Beholdeth me to charge like bull
And capture body, mind and soul
Forever more my favoured hole

You underestimate my guile
A man whose intellect so mild
Truncated by thine loose append
Which governs thee like woesome friend

Your subjugation I thee berth
When Satan’s land doth touch the Earth
That Eve in her breast heaved in sin
For Adam’s world to shake and spin

That Adam had such clear domain
Not true it’s clear to his disdain
For Eve does rule, tonight assume
As darkness comes from fertile womb

No good shall come of Eve’s demeanour
Adam’s rule in his arena
Cometh now, push you to floor
Where he can tame the devil’s whore

For I am Eve, wellspring of life
To human beings, and all their strife
Respect me now and worship me
Beyond the Devil-God melee

This pivotal night, climactic point
Please let me go and I’ll anoint
You as my queen and saviour too
Just let me go, bid me adieu

In thee I see the devil true
Who masquerades as God in lieu
I trust not thine, your sword does thrust
In awkward pose in breeches bust

I see you win this hallowed night
Beware my power’s yet to light
O’er land and see I soon will run
Election over God’s own son

The last word have, I will as might
Eventually your Will doth blight
Men bring Mother Earth to ruin
This Eve a Saviour’s plan is brewing


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