Poem: Awakening, by Sheena Diego

I bathe with the words that nourished my soul,
These emotions ran through the very being of my existence.
All that is there are epiphanies that wake my spirit,
Every tingling sensations that I can afford to feel,
Some feelings I cannot afford to have but cannot lose.

Leaving the moment of the fleeting memories that haunts me,
The strength I found to seek salvation within myself,
Refocusing and balancing with what is left with my essence,
Humming to the sounds of calmness and resolution.
Finally coming to conclusion.

To see what dreams may come,
Glowing in the daylight and even at night,
Me, myself, and I all rolled into one,
Fighting is not a solution to this debatable argumentation,
Fairness I see, the only solution.

Achieving happiness may sometime be a struggle,
All good things should be free and unchained.
Struggle and pain felt are my stepping-stone to awakening,
I found the passion within me.

At the peak of my existence,
I finally found worthiness within myself,
To never be inferior to what bad mouthed people say.
With the realization, that each of us deserve to blossom,
Be part of the society,
To set forth and be the magnificent gem cut from a rugged stone.


Author: poetryfest

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