Poem: ABSINTH (lust), by Leigh Yenrick

From the Shades of Green Collection

Its a whiskey washed walk up the street
With only good intentions
An attempt to extract the hallucinogen
But, Up the stairs, we go
Talking of everything and nothing,
Other options set in.

Then with one swift motion
When lips do as hands do
The Spirit takes the night,
Sprite wings rip through
And I am in delirious flight.
Eyes full of thirst and venom
Pawing so the atoms
Don’t lose the shrouded heaven
Even in the dance breaks
Bodies listening,
A little tenderness comes in
And I am lifted
Legs wrapped flat on my back
Hands tracing every surface
Of my slender map
Alive, shaking, electric.
Then the clock shows its face
And once again he asks me
Please stay
In truth, I should have.
Car Called
Searching for a shoe, one shoe
All is found and shabbily ensemble

In an embrace farewell,
I am heaved, pressed against the door
An attempt to shut the portal
Of the reality of the outside world
One last chance to crawl back
But nature will not allow
Down the stairs,
goodnight, and Ciao


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