Poem Reading: To My Mother, by Bev Irwin

Poem: To My Mother, by Bev Irwin

My mother, my confidant, my friend
I do not want to lose you
I want to hold you close
Clutching your body to mine
But I am afraid of breaking
Those fragile bones
That hold you so loosely together
I do not want my great need of you
To hold you to a life that
No longer has meaning
What regrets do you have
As you look back on your life
What changes would you make
Would you have used
Different threads
In the tapestry that you wove
It has been a difficult life
Not one filled with as much love
As it could have been
Yet you endured
And gave us love
Did you keep going
More for us than yourself
I see you getting weaker
With each passing day
The oxygen tubing
That binds your life to ours
Becomes more strained
And less efficient
As you struggle for each breath
Do not hold on for me
I will survive without you
You have given me your love
Your kindness and your strength
These gifts will be with me always
Your memories I will hold in tender grace
To bring out one by one
As I continue on life’s journey alone
But let me give you my love
And allow you the peace
To take your next step
On your journey to God


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