POETRY Reading: Too Early Too Soon, by Kukua Sackey

Too Early, Too Soon

Green drapes blocked her view.
First cries weren’t heard,
but the chills told her
a part of her was taken
too early, too soon.

Even body-numbed,
the chills came fierce,
coldest inside her
because her 28-week guest
was out
too early, too soon.

The chills a rite of passage,
tearing the veil
between woman and mother.
Crossing that line, no turning back.
Mama’s first
too early, too soon.

Another human,
raw and tiny,
living and fighting in a bright, cold world.
Damn the disease that wrung him
from Mama
too early, too soon.

Where was her prize for passage?
Wrapped in plastic and whisked out
in a box by robed strangers.
Covered faces and pinched eyes
fixing Mama
too early, too soon.

The chills rocked Mama.
Careful strangers covered her arms.
Mama smiled and held still.
The lifetime of pretense had started.
Too-chill Mama
too early, too soon.


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