Read Poem: TOXIC, by Sheena Diego

Pushing through these feelings,
Pulling me from your existence.
Letting go and moving on,
Moving forward and coming back on.

What is passion?
You are only in my mind.
When too much desire,
Breaking me apart every time.
Who to adhere?
You are not here.
Where to begin?
No moment to be seen.

Our love is like a poison,
Breaking us into pieces.
Slowly turning in to serum,
Of promises and illusions.
You are my addiction,
Healing my intention.

But we have this strong connection,
Drawing each other like magnet in both directions,
Pulling in and out with discretion,
Now in doubt for any solution.

How to stop from this obsession?
You wear me out in collision.
Tired of this tireless conjunction,
Thinking to begin halting the passion.
Still afraid living in oblivion.

I am with myself with you,
Not so great without you.
We both know this is not a great move,
For loving you no one will approve.

Maybe this is not a time for the both of us,
See you next lifetime is what I always say to the both of us.
Everything is now laid blocked,
Fate is sealed and locked.

What to say?
We exist in disarray.
Finding what we cannot lay,
Both of us feeling dismay.


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