Read Poem: The Awakening of the Deer, by Alkistis Voulgari

When the Deer wake up
They will see the fake cities you made for them
Dubai, Las Vegas, «Ellínikon»
They will see glass buildings
Steel souls
Robots – people giving orders
They will hear your lies
In the news, in the newspapers, in your lives.
They will see the Inconceivable
Babies to be sold to your craft
For your plastic surgeries
For all kinds of appetites
They will see wars set up
Cleared peoples
Entire worlds destroyed

When the deer wake up
They will want to go back to the forest
But they will not find the way
In your concrete jungles

When the Deer wake up
It will not be late
But early
Too early in a new world
They will look at you with their clear gaze
And the sacrifice will be reversed

Iphigenia shall return from the Land of the Bulls
Fear the Hour of the Awakening of the Deer

Their power is enormous
Exactly because
They do not know it

[Your sweeping power is the one you do not know]

Theme : Political, Anger, Prophetic
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Alkistis Voulgari was born in Athens. She is an actress and dancer specialized in Isadora
Duncan’s Dance Technique. The last two years she started her own filming experimentations
and performance creations which contain Theatre, Poetry, Literature, Dance and Radio Art.
She is gradually visualising and working on the reconnection of the Theatre with its natural
roots by improvising and exploring the primitive idea in an open, natural space where the film
camera becomes the «eye of the director» and an eternal narration of the theatrical,
performative, human and life experience.


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