Read Poem: A Phone Call to God, by Robert Evans

“Hello God, are you there? Hello. Hello ”
No answer….
Still no answer.
Suddenly, a crackling sound likestatic electricity….
“Yes. May I help you?”
“God is that really you?”
“Well, it’s not Jimmy Kimmel””Sorry. I was justsurprised.”
“Then why did you call meif you didn’t expect me to behome?”
“Oh, it’s not that, I somehow thought you wouldn’t bother to answer.”
“Well, now I feel insulted. What kind of a God do you think I am? I may be very busy but I never ignore a call for help. You do need help?Right? No one ever calls on me just to shoot the breeze. They always want help with one problem or another.”
“Well, I’m not really calling for help. I just wanted to see if I could reach you.”
“How did you get my number? It’s not in the book.”
“You mean it’s unlisted?”
“No. It’s not unlisted either. It’s just not in the book.”
“I don’t understand….”
“I mean the operator has it. You just have to call the operator.”
“But how can that be?They always ask ‘What city Please?'”
“True. No wonder I don’t get many phone calls. So how did you reach me?”
“I just dialed at random,hoping I’d somehow reach you.Then when I heard your answering machine saying This is God. I can’t come to the phone right now, but if you leave a message,etc., etc., So, I took a chance that you might be there and kept saying ‘hello’ figuring if you were home maybe you’d pick up.”
“Alright. Well, now that you’ve got my attention, what do you want?”
“I wanted to ask you a question.”
“What kind of question?”
“A scientific one.Science doesn’t think you exist.”
“Ah, yes. Those scientists. They always demand proof.”
“If you allow me to tape this conversation, I’d have proof.”
“No. They’d just say my voice belonged to some nut.”
“Maybe I am talking to a nut. How do I know you’re really God?
“Oh, yea of little faith….”
“I still don’t have proof.”
“You want proof? I’ll give you proof. Just look around you. I am all there is.”
“You mean you’re not upthere sitting on a thronesomewhere? You’re everywhere atonce?”
“That’s correct”
“You mean when I die I’m not going to see you?
“Correct again! Well, let me revise that. If you can see me now, you’ll see me then. If you can’t see me now, you won’t see me then.”
“Now I’m confused….”
“It’s really quite simple. I am with you always. I am with you and you are with me.There can be no separation. There is only apparent separation when you take the mortal route and not the spiritual route. You can’t sense my presence when you are angry or hateful or envious or jealous, etc. But when you feel within you love and kindness and compassion and consideration forall, you are allowing me to express myself through you. At those moments we are one. In this way I am all powerful. You are all powerful. And nothing can come to us of an inferior nature.We are peace, we are power, we are infinitely intelligent. We are all there is.
The answer is quite simple. There is no need to look in books for the answer. The answer is within you.”
“Thank you God.”
“You’re welcome.”


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