Read Poem: Night Babtism by Catherine Gropper

It was some wetter dark rain
which began pattering
above my face ,
through those three windows.

These torrents ,pouring
against glass panes ,
beneath star reflections.
All of a sudden such shinning seemed wetter.

His wings, so soft yet mighty ,whose arms were to envelop my very fragile space.
If I allowed them inside.
He sang a song unknown to most.
But I heard him .
I heard him !

I wanted to kneel to my knees .
But it was cold .
So I stood still ,
looking upwards .

The heat was not working well
with it’s orange electric firelight floating beneath it’s luke warmth on to our beige stones.

Was I in a temple build by angels?
Were they whispering through these windswept waters ?
Maybe someone has came into my soul softly ?

And I heard him ,
I heard him .

This sudden conjunction of Saturn with Jupiter
bumping into radiance this night,
within our winter solstice .

What more was there to say ?
Nothing more really to say .

I raced down the stairs to make sure the
oven was off and the percolator unplugged.
Their sizzle and steam from morning would now
have to wait ,for just another day .

I watch my mother peak into her new day
almost afraid to greet it ,
yet helplessly obligated to it.

Perhaps ,sometimes I don’t know where I am when awackening .
Maybe most of us don’t ?
Do we ?

But tonight I looked up
It was different under their radiance .
Those stars ,this week
before Christmas .

I yearned to kneel and pray.
Then sighed, staring upwards before sighing again.
What was it I heard,
was the sound so near ?
Were you never far ?

As I cranked open each window,
a sliver of space admitted sounds of snapping wind inside of some sacred space of my heart you found .

Which found my face ,
until it became sprayed
into this new night ‘s babtism.

So you were born ,
So you were born .

Come Gabriel,
Come ,
Come blow your horn !


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